Hello and welcome too my new blog where I'll share with you my Yarn Journey.
I've been a knitter since the age of 8yrs old, I worked as a Professional knitter making Aran Jumpers for Japanese Tourist for a Giftware shop in a Winery in NSW not far from where we living at the time with 2 small children.
Each winter of course my kids had new jumpers, we moved from Sydney too Port Macquarie on the NSW mid north coast Xmas 1990. I knitted on and off but we found the winters not as cold as in Sydney and the kids were older and preferred too wear Track tops, early 1997 I was introduced too Patchwork, a craft that I've loved for many years but was happy knitting.
we moved too the Gold Coast late 2001, my obsession with patchwork grew and the needles were packed away.
over the last 2-3 winters I've really felt like knitting again and it wasn't till this winter I decided too take a step back with my patchwork and pick up the needles again, I've been on Instagram for awhile and then I found Podcast, knitting podcast which I was listening too late at night after work while stitching, well it wasn't long and I soon discovered Hand Dyed Yarns, so the yarn journey began, I re-joined Ravelry stocked up my yarn stash and the knitting hasn't stopped..

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Yarn Swap from NZ

My Gorgepus Yarn Swap parcel arrived safely from New Zealand, I had the Lovely Libby from TrulyMyrtle who hosted the swap. I've heard Libby talk about Brushtail Possums and how they use their fur for yarn, I was given 3 Balls of a mix blend of NZ Merino, Brushtail Possum and Cotton, I've decided too use it with Libby's new hat pattern Alice, you can find Libby and her patterns on Ravelry  also on IG as @trulymyrtlephotos.
Possum Yarn. In Swap
I also finished another pair of socks for the Xmas Box, one more pair on the needles they will be the last, I'm running out of time...
Emerald Green Men's Socks.
The pattern for the socks was Vanilla Latte Sock. Eye of Partridge Heel and Star Toe from the pattern, I really like this round toe better and will be using it a lot from now on. Free pattern on Ravelry. I've put in an order for New Sock Blockers in Large for Xmas.... Thanks for stopping by Happy Knitting Maree

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yarn Swap with TrulyMyrtle.

TrulyMyrtle Tarn Swap Package
I'll be back too show you what I was given from my partner. On the knitting I am nearly finished one of the socks that I started knitting two at a time, I made a Eye of the Partridge heel flap, my first time with that pattern, I liked it it gives the heel a little more strength, plus I'm knitting them on a 2.5mm needle which is giving the sock a much thicker feel which is what I was after.
Vanilla Latte Mans Sock. Thanks for stopping by Happy Knitting Maree  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sock knitting gets better.

My second fingering weight yarn Socks on the needles, I started doing two at a time but my circulars are too short, so I seperated them, now up to the heel flap, I'm pretty pleased with this heel, the pattern is a Eye of the partridge, from the Vanilla Latte Sock pattern found on Ravelry, no gaps.
Vanilla Latte Socks in Green.
Knit Picks fingering, Rainforest Heather, a lovely emerald green with Brown tweed effect, this is lovely yarn too knit with, 2.5mm circular needles. For the Xmas Box Thanks for stopping by Happy Knitting Maree

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hand Dyed Yarns.

Happy Mail from Rachael of Drover & Classer in Nowra, NSW.
Gorgeous minis for my upcoming Cosy Memories Blanket,  I'm planning  the colour pallet for the blanket,  I know you are suppose too use yarn from finished objects but I don't Have that many, and I would like it too be Petty.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Frogging happens.

Fairisle Jumper
Unfortunately this jumper isn't workingout as planned, the yarn is 100% Aussie wool but is a bit scratchy, the size is coming out too big even though I was wanting it too be a bit more loose, this was too be my Go Too Jumper for our UK trip in December, we will be staying in Edbinurgh for a week by the sea, I wanted a jumper too throw on, didn't matter if it got wet or sandy, probably making too much work for myself for a throw around. Think I'll look at the Boyfriend Jumper, and use up some yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills in my stash, I was enjoying the Fairisle I'm sure I'll get too that in another project. Do you listen too audio podcast, one of my favourites is Libby from Truly Myrtle, I think it's her accent lol, Libby is running a Yarn Swap through her Ravelry group, I'm so pleased I actually got Libby in the swap, I had planned on making something extra too go into the swap so now I can make it more personal.... Thanks for stopping by Happy Knitting Maree

Friday, October 7, 2016

Two Colour Fairisle

Two Colour Boxy Jumper.
Fairisle Boxy Jumper.
Well I did Frog  that Grey jumper and now I've used it on another competely different style, I pulled out my  Old Jo Sharp Knitting Books and found a Largish Boxy type jumper, it has Fairisle all accross the top and on the sleeves, Nah not doing that! Famous last words she says, I've added my New Fav Colour again too the bottom  band, I'm following the basic pattern, I came up too the Fairisle and decided too have another go after Many Many Years...I've even taught myself too knit with the 2 colours one in the left hand and the other in the right, Love all these New techniques I'm finding....
Fairisle Yoke Boxy Jumper.
  I'm using circular needles that's why its showing up with a curl, so far so good...I won't be doing the fairisle on the back or sleeves...too be Cont:

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Happy Knitting

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Podcasting and a New Cast On.

New Grey Jumper on my needles
Do you watch Video Podcast, I do and I love them, I do have my Favourites, they are mostly Knitting and Fibre related, you can follow them on YouTube. Here are Mother & Daughter Chelsea & Sue from LegacyKnitz also on Instagram. I've decided too give up on my Grey Jumper Roquaine from the latest Pom Pom Magazine, of all the years I've been knitting I don't remember having so much trouble with the pattern....so I frogged it and I'm following a bulky loose basic jumper pattern from an Older Jo Sharp pattern book, Knitting Bohemia, I'm adding my own pattern and the reason this will be my Mission is our London Kids want too spend a week in Edinburgh when we go over at Xmas, well it will be Chilly!! So a knitted jumper is in order and I do love this Grey....
Frogging Grey Jumper
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Xmas Knitting for the UK.

My Son and his Wife have been living in London for nearly 4yrs now, we've  had 2 long trips so far and our next one will be from Boxing Day, Especially too see our second Grandchild and first GrandSon who will be due on the 16th December, having been in London previously for Xmas I Absolutely Love it...and we are so looking forward too seeing it again, ah yes it is a bit cold but we don't mind that, just hope we don't get as much rain as we did before...
I have started some Xmas Knitting for the Kids too take over...my Daughter in law Sam loves wearing hats in Winter over there so I have made her 2, one is yet too have a Faux Pom Pom attached...

I made 2 the from the same pattern but changed the design, one in Natural 8ply and Natural Merino 8ply from Cleckheaton...

and a pair of socks...DingoDyeworks Fingering weight ( 4ply ) in Canal Rocks and Blue Gum for the Toes, This is a Beautiful yarn too knit with it's my Favourite  atm...I used the Pebbles Sock pattern by Mina Phillips from the Knitting Expat on Ravelry and her Podcast.

on my needles are a pair of socks  in 8ply for The Mr. too take overseas and a Hat for my Son...WIP.
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