Hello and welcome too my new blog where I'll share with you my Yarn Journey.
I've been a knitter since the age of 8yrs old, I worked as a Professional knitter making Aran Jumpers for Japanese Tourist for a Giftware shop in a Winery in NSW not far from where we living at the time with 2 small children.
Each winter of course my kids had new jumpers, we moved from Sydney too Port Macquarie on the NSW mid north coast Xmas 1990. I knitted on and off but we found the winters not as cold as in Sydney and the kids were older and preferred too wear Track tops, early 1997 I was introduced too Patchwork, a craft that I've loved for many years but was happy knitting.
we moved too the Gold Coast late 2001, my obsession with patchwork grew and the needles were packed away.
over the last 2-3 winters I've really felt like knitting again and it wasn't till this winter I decided too take a step back with my patchwork and pick up the needles again, I've been on Instagram for awhile and then I found Podcast, knitting podcast which I was listening too late at night after work while stitching, well it wasn't long and I soon discovered Hand Dyed Yarns, so the yarn journey began, I re-joined Ravelry stocked up my yarn stash and the knitting hasn't stopped..

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Quill Shawl is off the needles.

I joined the "Shawl Society" by Helen Stewart of @curioushandmade on Instagram and Ravelry.
it's a 6 month membership with a new shawl pattern each month designed by Helen.
I've made no: 1 and now no: 4...
The Quill Shawl.
the yarn I used are Ghost and Slate 8ply Luxury by Bendigo Woollen Mills and
The Charisse is Sheen 8ply Empire by Morris & Sons, all the wool was lovely too knit with but I must say the Empire is a Dream, I used a 4.00mm KnitPro circular needle.

I'm really happy with the end result, I've washed and I stretched it a little when I blocked it as being in an 8ply it was feeling a little heavy and thickish compared too the fingering weight yarn that I've been using, it feels really lovely on, I have a cardigan too match the Charisse and will go well for my trip too the UK in December.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Knitting

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Video's on YouTube for Knitting.

Since I've started too knit Socks YouTube videos have been a Godsend...Staci Perry of Very Pink Knits has Brilliant videos on all Aspects of any knitting wether it's Socks or Garments..check her out. www.youtube.com/verypinkknits  Staci is also in Instagram as verypinkknits.
Very Pink Knits.
Staci Perry
Magic Loop 2 at a time socks.
Thanks for stopping by Happy Knitting Maree

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Baby Knitting.

With the news of our Son Gavin and DIL Sam who are living in London are expecting their first baby in December I was pleased too be able too get back too baby wear, so I searched the patterns on Ravelry these are what I have finished so far, they are yet too have buttons before they go into the Baby Bag for our trip on Boxing Day.  These are all still WIP I'll post them again once I get the details finished on them, but they have been washed and blocked.

"Puerperium" cardigan by Pekapeka Designs Studio free pattern on Ravelry by Kelly Brooker.

This was a quick knit from the top down, first time I've knitted in this format and I loved it, I have used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply in "Ghost".

"Kyoto" cross over cardigan by Lisa Chemery. on Ravelry.

This was a lovely pattern, the yarn was beautiful too knit with, Patons EXFM 8 ply Merino colour 2104, it's more of a Jade than blue showing up in this photo, it has a knitted cord attached too the inside and one too be attached too the front too tie with, I'll post more when then are completed.
I have also made a Mustard cardigan which is still too be stitched together, time is ticking on must get too it...
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Happy Knitting.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

My first Hand Dyed Yarn.

My first hand dyed yarn was brought from Kristen of Skeinyarn in Coff's Harbour NSW.back in May this year.
This skein is called Peace and I used it for my very first shawl after I joined the Shawl Society on Ravelry by Helen Stewart of Curious Hand Made. The Amulet Shawl.

This skein is called PEACE.
I added a light Grey with Peace, I'm happy with how it turned out.
Till next time
Happy Knitting